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ARTTRA offers various cultural day programs on different themes. From the Golden Age to contemporary architecture. Tailored to the interests of your guests, guided by experienced art historians in any language desired. They are socially very capable, they will tailor their information to your group, and they will do their utmost to give you and your guests a good time. Clearly, ARTTRA ensures that all practical issues are perfectly taken care of.

Canal tour Rembrandt

Rembrandt’s work, life and position as one of the world’s most admired painters, naturally form the basis of this boat excursion.

A canal tour that follows the traces of Rembrandt’s Amsterdam though the city’s canals and the waters of the Amstel. You will discover Amsterdam in the age when this extraordinary and multi-talented man was living and working. Rembrandt lived in an era where Dutch culture, learning, trade, global power and political influence were at their height. Hence, many houses were being built for an influx of new residents, both wealthy and less prosperous, as the city’s population expanded from 60,000 to 200,000 in just 50 years.

Our guests will board their boat at the landing stage of the Rijksmuseum.

The boat will sail though the city’s canals and the open waters of the Amstel towards Ouderkerk, which at that time was a completely rural area. 200 of Rembrandt’s landscape drawings still survive! He drew and painted subjects such as the Amstel Dike with carthorses and farms. One of the mills still exists.

At the end  you will see the place that was once the site of gallows where criminals were hanged, a subject immortalized by Rembrandt. You will then sail past the tower, which at that time was already one of the old and run-down buildings that he was so fond of, and you will also see the church and the house where he was later to live.

The guide will show examples of Rembrandt’s work during the journey, from which you will certainly be able to recognize the current landscape. 
A special Rembrandt liqueur will be served on board!

Possible in standard boat or luxury salon boat with catering

Tip: to be combined with Rijksmuseum tour, Rembrandt walk historical centre etc. 

Prices depending on your wishes and the number of participants.

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