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ARTTRA offers various cultural day programs on different themes. From the Golden Age to contemporary architecture. Tailored to the interests of your guests, guided by experienced art historians in any language desired. They are socially very capable, they will tailor their information to your group, and they will do their utmost to give you and your guests a good time. Clearly, ARTTRA ensures that all practical issues are perfectly taken care of.

Dayprogram fashion

Lecture fashion, power & spirit of the times
Did you know that fashion is dictated by the strongest economy of the moment? The beautiful lace collars, which became well known from the 17th century portraits of our rulers, were even adopted by the French royal household. And we, in turn, adopted tailored suits from the English. The fact that jeans conquered the entire world shows us the enormous position of power which America finds itself in.
ARTTRA offers a special lecture on this interesting theme, entitled ‘fashion, power & spirit of the times’. 
Price 350 euro exclusive VAT and rent of technical facilities location a of your wishes . See also museums


Amsterdam fashion

Amsterdam: city of fashion! International Fashion Week, the ‘Modefabriek’ (Fashion Factory), Label Expo, the World Fashion Center, Percy Irausquin, Mart Visser, Victor and Rolf, Daryl van Wouw, Ilja Visser, Sheila de Vries – fashion is booming in Amsterdam, offering ever more events, brands, couturiers, and young talet. Many young designers are motivated by the inspiring environment, its reputation as a city of fashion, and the clientele of course, to move to the capital. An inspiring day of fashion, guided by a specialist in fashion history, kicks off with in a splendid location where also discover old Dutch costumes that inspires many designers.

In another canal house you will enjoy a fascinating overview of the development of the bag through the ages concerning functionality, form, and materials. The bagis perfectly suited as a leitmotiv in the history of fashion.

On the nine streets within the ring of canals you will visit various fashion outlets of well-known fashion designers, shops of famous brands and accessories, but also specialised shops for vintage fashion.

Prices depending on your wishes and the number of participants. 

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