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Leiden & Delft

Dayprograms in The Netherlands
ARTTRA offers various cultural day programs on art and nature. ‘The pastoral life of the aristocracy’, ‘Sailing in Frisia’, and Modern Architecture in Almere. Tailored to the interests of your guests, guided by experienced art historians in any language desired. They are socially very capable and will do their utmost to give your guests a good time. Clearly, ARTTRA ensures that all practical issues are perfectly taken care of.

Dayprogram Leiden & Delft

Leiden and Delft in Rembrandt’s time

Rembrandt’s was born in Leiden 1606. This program covers all the locations that played an important role in Rembrandt’s life, and even includes a visit to Delft, which was an extremely prosperous city in the 17th century.

At Leiden a walk that takes in the most important scenes in Rembrandt’s life, including the place where he was born, the studio of his painting master. Visit to the Lakenhal, built during time of flourishing textile industry 1638-1640, to admire work by Rembrandt and contempories.
We visit beautiful Delft  to have  lunch lunch and a city walk. Also a visit to the Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, the only remaining 17th century pottery factory that still manufactures authentic Delft Blue. This will be followed by a ‘Delft Blue Tile Painting’ workshop.

Prices depending on your wishes and the number of participants

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